The Woman in Black is an upcoming 2012 supernatural thriller film based on Susan Hill's novel The Woman in Black.

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Book Description

Release date: January 3, 2012
A classic ghost story: the chilling tale of a menacing specter haunting a small English town. Arthur Kipps is an up-and-coming London solicitor who is sent to Crythin Gifford–a faraway town in the windswept salt marshes beyond Nine Lives Causeway–to attend the funeral and settle the affairs of a client, Mrs. Alice Drablow of Eel Marsh House. Mrs. Drablow’s house stands at the end of the causeway, wreathed in fog and mystery, but Kipps is unaware of the tragic secrets that lie hidden behind its sheltered windows. The routine business trip he anticipated quickly takes a horrifying turn when he finds himself haunted by a series of mysterious sounds and images–a rocking chair in a deserted nursery, the eerie sound of a pony and trap, a child’s scream in the fog, and, most terrifying of all, a ghostly woman dressed all in black.

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Arthur Copps is a young lawyer. He is employed by a widow, to go to a small village to deal with the legacy on the widow. Everything looks normal, but he did not know, a life-threatening havoc being hit Copps.
He arrived in the town, but everyone in town does not seem to welcome him, and they all want to Copps as soon as possible after the completion of the work left. Obviously, this town buried many secret. Although the town’s people keep their distance and Copps, do not want to let him know what has happened here, Copps or know the army for their own customers and the old houses seem to have problems. Between trance, a ghost is always here to harass the tenants of their own people and their own things that she wanted to get back here. The behavior of this ghost is fraught with danger, she even children are left off.
Exposed to the attacks of the ghost, Arthur Copps and his children escaped it?

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